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We believe “Future Organizations are going to be differentiated only by their people". Your people are your service promise to your customers whether they are internal or external customers. Therefore, it’s important to recruit and select your staff in the right way.

We specialise in helping our clients to hire ‘support function’ roles. From entry level to senior hires, we recruit the best candidates in Finance & Accounts, Sales & Marketing, HR& Admin, IT.

Our strategic solution in recruitment services of human resource helps client find the right people for the right job.

We work closely with Candidates who are seeking the right opportunity and career. We provide our expertise from attracting and selecting one-of-a- kind candidate, to integrating and managing entire recruitment process, improving employee performance, developing future leaders.

Our unique service means that for mid to senior management level, we will attend the final stage interview on request and for no additional charge. Our clients find that this provides them with support in difficult decision making and gives expert advice on who would be the right hire for your company. In us, you have a trusted recruitment consultant – we only want to find the very best person to fill your vacancy.

Our recruitment service includes

  • Drafting your job advertisement, and advertising it across various leading online recruitment and social media platforms
  • Assess all candidate CVs, delivering a short list of the best candidates to your desk
  • Tailored interview scripts for hiring Managers who would like extra support
  • On request, an experienced consultant will support you in the final stage interview for your mid to senior hire- benefit from years of recruitment experience as an all inclusive benefit to you

AKEIRA Solutions deliver the right solution for you and your business