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We are a comprehensive human resources consultancy dedicated to help big or small businesses just like yours, with your Human Resource activities and work. No matter what your requirements are, we can help you by providing you with the best HR expertise that you are looking for.

We understand that selecting and retaining a qualified Human Resources consultant is a critical business decision. This is why we make it our mission, to provide unique abilities and talents that will improve your business and constitute a value-added component that augments the client’s existing resources.

We focus to be the most innovative, trusted partner in delivering cost effective solutions. By working closely with your staff, our skilled consultants will establish the objectives and will improve performance, service, quality, and achievement of your business goals.

So whether you’re a startup company or a larger organization, we have expertise and experience in every area of hiring or looking after your employees, that you could ever need.

So sit back and leave your HR worries to us!!!!!

Who We Are


A.K.E.I.R.A Solutions was a born out of sheer desire to succeed by taking our passion to the next level.


Started in 2016 with its head office in Delhi and branch office in London,UK by Priyanka Sharma and Priyanka Khagwal.

Our Magicians

Priyanka Sharma

Priyanka Sharma has over 9 years’ experience as a HR professional. She has had worked in wide range of sectors helping companies with their people strategies and taking the businesses to the next level. She expertise in HR operations, developing & implementing people strategies and managing legal challenges.

Priyanka Khagwal

Priyanka Khagwal has over 8 years of experience in the area of Recruitment, Training & Development, HR policies and procedures. She is a certified Soft skills & Life skills Corporate trainer associated with many companies and educational institutions. She has worked with companies in various sectors she strongly believes that
“Company culture and DNA are key to attract and recruit the best people. It needs to be effectively communicated internally and externally. First impressions count for a lot - don’t lose out on top talent to a rival because you’ve undersold your company”

AKEIRA Solutions deliver the right solution for you and your business